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We wrote an eBook that will provide you with a systematic process in creating and selling digital products so you can kick start a side hustle online business...

If our are looking for ways to monetize your blogs or if you're a newbie who is curious on how can you earn from blogging, get this TagLish ebook, "Paano Kumita sa Blogging"...

Who We Are

Joseph Pagtananan

I was a chemical engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. It was my blogging ventures that exposed me to the world of digital marketing and online business. After working for six years in the government, I decided to resign and pursue freelancing. Not only that I was able to triple my salary, but it gave me an opportunity to personally know several six-figures influencers in different niches. This is being a lifestyle entrepreneur and I really enjoy it. Sometimes, you just need to take some risk. Pursue your passion. Serve others. Then money will follow.

Paul Garilao

I have a confession to make. Although I have been working in the military for over eight years, I must say that I am not passionate about the job that I do. I run machines in the ship and troubleshoot pieces of equipment. However, my heart is not there. But during my spare time, I invest my time in writing stories and editing videos. Eventually, I was able to help small business owners reach out their target market by producing stories and providing social media strategies for them. Finally, I found my passion in communication. Every time I work on projects related to communication, I feel the butterflies in my stomach. This is God's will for me!

Our Clients

DK Filipino Grocery Store

100% Jesus

Jaz Book It Travel Services

Kirsten Marie Bags Manufacturing

Firmax Ace Aguilar

Ask Teacher Mala

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